Lewis {wedding}

Lewis {wedding}

Blogging a wedding is quite the task. So stay with me here. It's incredibly hard to sum one of the best days (hopefully) of someone's life up into one little blog post with 15 photos and a few paragraphs. Alas, here we go. 

Meet Brittany and Tommy. This was their engagement shoot. 

This is Brittany and Tommy on their Wedding day. 

Brittany and Tommy started off their wedding day in a way that I wish all of my clients would. With a note exchange early in the morning. I highly reccomend a small gift or note exchange. It can set the tone for the entire day.


I continued to capture the Bride and the bridal party getting ready while my second shooter spent time capturing the guys. These are usually real and raw moments. Brittany was an absolutely stunning bride and when her mom saw her for the first time in her dress... Tears. Such a beautiful moment. 


Brittany and Tommy decided to do a first look at Boston Mills Brandywine Ski Resort, the place they first met. Since they didn't want Tommy to see the bride until they arrived, Tommy was blindfolded for the party bus ride to the location. 


Pretty much speaks for itself! 


We then proceeded to take advantage of the scenery. Can you tell these two are big snowboarding fans? 

Seriously stunning bridal party and picture perfect bride & groom. It was cold BUT LOOK HOW WORTH IT GUYS.

After our frigid but very worth it experience at the Ski resort and park we headed to Columbiana Station Ballroom for the ceremony and reception. This ring detail shot is a photo of the wedding bands wrapped in the Bride's Grandfather's tie.

After the beautiful ceremony dancing, cake cutting and fun ensued. 

Brittany and Tommy ended their Wedding day in a most magical way. A sparkler send off. 

Brittany and Tommy. Congratulations, again. I hope you guys had the best day and enjoy this sneak peek!

(PS photos are for web use only & copyright 2017 Elizabeth Rambler)

Trego {engaged}

I always like to go the extra mile for my clients. Or in this case the extra 180 miles. Over the weekend I traveled up to Toledo to shoot Craig and Khayla's engagement photos. They're such an adorable couple. Khayla came with a bunch of great ideas and props which totally added to the uniqueness of their engagement shoot. We started out at the ICE HOUSE ice rink for some super "cool" (see what I did there) hockey photos. It was my first time shooting on the ice and the brightness and reflective surface of the ice made for some great lighting.  

There was lots of opportunity for adorable shots at the ice rink. They even had their wedding date up on the score board!

Of course this was the perfect opportunity for a ring detail shot. 
A little tech specs this was shot with a 24-70 at 3.5 aperture at 300 ISO.

From the ice rink we headed to a gorgeous park for some shots with this couples adorable fur babies. Shooting with dogs is often times incredibly difficult. But we got the money shot within a few minutes with these two pups! 



The sun was a little high when we were shooting as it was 11:00am but I worked with the sun by backlighting this couple and shooting directly into it. Post production I just had to pull the highlights down. Loving this shot! These two are absolutely picture perfect. Khayla may be my most photogenic client. She looks gorgeous in every shot!


It was really hard to pick highlights from this shoot because I loved them all. I chose this particular image because I think it really illustrates my style of photography with the gorgeous backlighting. Not to mention I'm loving their connection in this photo and the "T" they brought along as a photo prop. Aren't they adorable together!


We ended back in a precious garden, but decided to use a little more solid shade for our photos. I love telling couples to pretend I'm not there and capturing a little bit of a candid moment. This was our result. Swoon.

I am so excited to photograph the Trego wedding in August and capture this adorable couple again! I hope you guys enjoyed these highlights!

Sullivan {one month new}

For my first post of the New Year I have a new little one! This little guy was my first shoot of the year! What a great way to start.


newborn photography

We started our in home session with some family and Christmas photos. Yes, we know it's the New Year but this little guy was born right before Christmas and is totally the little gift that keeps giving.



Little sister was totally obsessed with her baby brother and wanted to hold and comfort him the whole time. So adroable. 

This little mans mama had the SWEETEST little knit outfits for photos. I love the simplicity of this set up. Seriously how cute is this guy? (PS I BOUGHT THOSE STAR ORNAMENTS FROM TARGET FOR 30 CENTS EACH)



After we got our seasonal shots done we headed upstairs to the nursery, which had amazing lighting, and took some simple shots with Mom and Dad and just of the little man. This was probably my favorite from our session.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing a few of my favorites from this in home newborn session! And thank you to the Sullivan family for trusting me to capture your family!


The Nest Photobooth

The Nest Photobooth

On Saturday my friends at  'The Nest' had their second annual Fall Festival. I wanted to donate some of my time and services to the wonderful families involved in this super sweet organization. Instead of photographing the event I decided I would set up a kids fall photo booth. While everyone was tasting chili and pie downstairs for a chili and pie contest I was upstairs snapping away at the little sweeties. I had an extremely simple setup with a large window, and two speedlights. I added a cute little fall banner and a wood floor and we were golden! I love the simplicity of these photos and how adorable all the kiddos look! 

Here's a few images of some sweet littles!



Sweet sisters, Ada & Vesper. Look at their sweet dresses and boots. Swoon.


Sweet little Kaydence in one of my ruffle rompers that just makes those gorgeous eyes POP.


Silas and Bella. Could there be any more personality in this photo!? LOVE HER.


Little Ellie who could very well be a little instagram model. Seriously those boots and the bow and the shirt...and well just all of her cuteness! 


Sweet little baby Beckett, Ellie's brother, in a bucket. OH MY

I had an amazing time photographing all these cuties and talking to their amazing parents! This is just a small selection of all the photos I took on Saturday! Just want to remind everyone that these photos are only sized for web use and will not make good prints. I will be sending everyone their files to their provided email VERY soon! I hope everyone who attended had a great time, and enjoyed my photobooth! 

Nolans One!

Dana & Ben {test shoot}

A few months back I asked my (gorgeous) friend Dana if I could use her and her son Ben for some shooting practice. Earlier that month I got married at a gorgeous Tudor house and had been dying to shoot there ever since. I was given permission to use the grounds for a day to do some test shooting. This is what we came up with. Stunning right? Definitely a little bit out of my comfort zone, but stunning. I was shocked at how hard shooting in this location actually was. The architecture and lighting was perfect but there is just so much to compete with visually. This shoot was challenging and out of my comfort zone. But - it was fun and I learned a lot! Half of this shoot was capturing the light with the dark and you can see that in these photos. I truly hope you love these images Dana! Sorry for the delay <3

Beckham {fresh 48}

It's no secret, everyone loves babies. Especially me. So when I had the chance to do a 'Fresh 48' shoot I obviously didn't hesitate. There is just something about the first couple days that are so precious before that sweet little baby starts changing SO FAST. I love the lifestyle, capturing real moments feel that this session brings.

Sweet little Beckham is just absolutely perfect. The whole time I was photographing him I was absolutely swooning. What a gorgeous baby! This little guy is super lucky, his parents are absolutely smitten and they're pretty lucky too...just look at this guy! I loved capturing these moments for this new family. They're obviously in love with this sweet little babe and I thank you guys for letting me capture these for you! Enjoy!


See a sneak peek of this perfect families gallery here.

The Mothers Nest Auction '16 {special event}

"The Mother's Nest is a place for Mom's to come, be served, find resources, seek support, and join a community of non-threatening, all en-compassing moms.

A couple of weekends ago, you know the day it was snowing in May? YEAH, that Saturday, the Mothers Nest hosted it's first auction and craft show at a gorgeous residence in Lake Cable! I've been to quite a few craft shows, but this one was different. Literally every single vendor was SO SO SO talented! I met some great people, took some photos, and watched the organization I absolutely adore raise money to keep their programing alive! (GO MOMS)

The auction consisted of donated baskets ranging from a campfire set up, handmade soaps, a kitchen play set to golf. Talk about something for everyone?! Also auctioned at the event were gorgeous restored pieces of solid furniture, which is by the way all gorgeous.

Many many hours of work went into pulling this event together by so many volunteers and it turned out to be absolutely adorable and (hopefully) pretty successful despite the rain!

Thanks to the Mothers Nest for all you do for Mama's and thanks for letting me give back to you by letting me photograph some events for you!

Find the complete collection here.

Miller {family collection}

Miller {family collection}

This day of this adorable little family shoot was absolutely gorgeous, the sun was shining it was warm and absolutely beautiful out! Of course when we actually started taking photos a nice little overcast rolled in, but that's okay because how adorable did everything turn out? Pretty adorable. This families kiddos had some great faces and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kissy face little Ryan makes and Jacks goofy smiles. I couldn't resist grabbing a few stunning shots of mom and dad towards the end of our session, and boy oh boy am I glad I did!

Enjoy your photos Miller Family!


View the rest of the Miller gallery here

Hawsman/Weakley {Urban Engagment}

So one of the really fun things about being a photographer is getting to travel around a little bit, granted I haven't gone anywhere exotic or SUPER amazing yet...but here's to hoping. This past weekend I traveled (2 hours...not really a big deal) to Columbus to shoot my clients in the Columbus Commons area of downtown. We had an amazing time walking around, getting some really beautiful shots and of course getting some great laughs in too. This couple was amazingly natural and so easy going which made my job so so easy. I love these photos and how they showcase the laid back & fun relationship Meghan & her fiance Aaron have. Meghan mentioned that she was kind of worried that since I'd never been there before that maybe it would be more difficult for me to get the shots we needed. I definitely see where the concern there would be, but I took it a completely different way... I had absolute raw and pure inspiration in this situation. Since I'm not familiar with the work of any Columbus photographers, or these locations for that matter, it was easy to not be influenced by things I have seen before or done before. This gallery is absolutely gorgeous. I cant wait to revisit some of these places when I come back down for your wedding! It was a pleasure working with you two!

See the full gallery here.

Finn {birthday collection}

So I pretty much love babies, and families and photos. So what better to shoot on a lazy Sunday afternoon than my friend Kiera's little one's first birthday? Pretty much nothing. Little Finn Burns turned one on Sunday and had a fabulous woodland party dubbed Finn's 'One'deralnd. The little guy did so well... he got to put his hands in some cake, made out with some awesome gifts and on top of all of that he got to be toted around in a wagon with his buddies to end the afternoon. Can't beat it. I love this series of photos because it tells Finn's first birthday story perfectly! To many many more little Finn Burns!

Rader {maternity lifestyle}

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph my beautiful sister, Sarah in her beautiful home while she and the family are awaiting the arrival of baby Rader 2.0. Seriously we caught the perfect time to capture Sarah, shes literally glowing (and LOOKS amazing) and the light was just pouring in. It all ended up so beautiful!I'm so in love with this session and the photos turned out absolutely gorgeous. In fact I loved it so much I took a photo from it that I'm using as my current site background! Thanks Sarah ;)

I really want to keep these moments for Sarah to enjoy before the arrival of her second little one...but I couldn't resist the temptation to share just a few!

Aunt Lib can't wait to meet you babe, you are already SO loved by so many!

smilek {business lifestyle}

So a new concept for me! My dear friend Stacia asked me to come over and update her headshot the other day. Easy enough? Stacia has an absolutely stunning home that lets light just pour in from every angle...so you know I had to take a few extra shots. Stacia who is a VERY successful jewelry consultant, obviously, had all her delicious shiny accessories out so we took it a little bit further. And just like that ESFLP birthed 'business lifestyle'. I have so many spins on this topic that I cannot wait to explore. But for now...for your viewing pleasure the fabulous Stacia!



welcome miss ruby {lifestyle & newborn}

Hey everyone & welcome back to my page! I've made a few changes - as some of you will notice! This year I will be taking a lot of time perfecting my craft and creating artful images for you! Anyways, more on that later.

Now to the important part, MISS RUBY! I absolutely love this session, it may be one of my favorites to date in fact. The lighting in little Rubies nursery was absolutely gorgeous and perfect to highlight this gorgeous little girls adorable little features. I really love capturing real moments and photos that really grab a hold of feeling, or an emotion in a fragment of time...after all isn't that what photography is all about? It was really amazing to see this family cherish their little baby girl so so much. (Note how their kindergartner is holding his baby sister like a PRO!) Rubies arrival has been anticipated by her Mamas and big brother for a long time, I know that they will treasure these tender and beautiful moments with her; I'm honored to have been able to photograph them during this special time! This family is truly amazing in every way.

PS Mama Sarah, I have your tutu photos for you don't worry ;)