So one of the really fun things about being a photographer is getting to travel around a little bit, granted I haven't gone anywhere exotic or SUPER amazing yet...but here's to hoping. This past weekend I traveled (2 hours...not really a big deal) to Columbus to shoot my clients in the Columbus Commons area of downtown. We had an amazing time walking around, getting some really beautiful shots and of course getting some great laughs in too. This couple was amazingly natural and so easy going which made my job so so easy. I love these photos and how they showcase the laid back & fun relationship Meghan & her fiance Aaron have. Meghan mentioned that she was kind of worried that since I'd never been there before that maybe it would be more difficult for me to get the shots we needed. I definitely see where the concern there would be, but I took it a completely different way... I had absolute raw and pure inspiration in this situation. Since I'm not familiar with the work of any Columbus photographers, or these locations for that matter, it was easy to not be influenced by things I have seen before or done before. This gallery is absolutely gorgeous. I cant wait to revisit some of these places when I come back down for your wedding! It was a pleasure working with you two!

See the full gallery here.