Blogging a wedding is quite the task. So stay with me here. It's incredibly hard to sum one of the best days (hopefully) of someone's life up into one little blog post with 15 photos and a few paragraphs. Alas, here we go. 

Meet Brittany and Tommy. This was their engagement shoot. 

This is Brittany and Tommy on their Wedding day. 

Brittany and Tommy started off their wedding day in a way that I wish all of my clients would. With a note exchange early in the morning. I highly reccomend a small gift or note exchange. It can set the tone for the entire day.


I continued to capture the Bride and the bridal party getting ready while my second shooter spent time capturing the guys. These are usually real and raw moments. Brittany was an absolutely stunning bride and when her mom saw her for the first time in her dress... Tears. Such a beautiful moment. 


Brittany and Tommy decided to do a first look at Boston Mills Brandywine Ski Resort, the place they first met. Since they didn't want Tommy to see the bride until they arrived, Tommy was blindfolded for the party bus ride to the location. 


Pretty much speaks for itself! 


We then proceeded to take advantage of the scenery. Can you tell these two are big snowboarding fans? 

Seriously stunning bridal party and picture perfect bride & groom. It was cold BUT LOOK HOW WORTH IT GUYS.

After our frigid but very worth it experience at the Ski resort and park we headed to Columbiana Station Ballroom for the ceremony and reception. This ring detail shot is a photo of the wedding bands wrapped in the Bride's Grandfather's tie.

After the beautiful ceremony dancing, cake cutting and fun ensued. 

Brittany and Tommy ended their Wedding day in a most magical way. A sparkler send off. 

Brittany and Tommy. Congratulations, again. I hope you guys had the best day and enjoy this sneak peek!

(PS photos are for web use only & copyright 2017 Elizabeth Rambler)