I always like to go the extra mile for my clients. Or in this case the extra 180 miles. Over the weekend I traveled up to Toledo to shoot Craig and Khayla's engagement photos. They're such an adorable couple. Khayla came with a bunch of great ideas and props which totally added to the uniqueness of their engagement shoot. We started out at the ICE HOUSE ice rink for some super "cool" (see what I did there) hockey photos. It was my first time shooting on the ice and the brightness and reflective surface of the ice made for some great lighting.  

There was lots of opportunity for adorable shots at the ice rink. They even had their wedding date up on the score board!

Of course this was the perfect opportunity for a ring detail shot. 
A little tech specs this was shot with a 24-70 at 3.5 aperture at 300 ISO.

From the ice rink we headed to a gorgeous park for some shots with this couples adorable fur babies. Shooting with dogs is often times incredibly difficult. But we got the money shot within a few minutes with these two pups! 



The sun was a little high when we were shooting as it was 11:00am but I worked with the sun by backlighting this couple and shooting directly into it. Post production I just had to pull the highlights down. Loving this shot! These two are absolutely picture perfect. Khayla may be my most photogenic client. She looks gorgeous in every shot!


It was really hard to pick highlights from this shoot because I loved them all. I chose this particular image because I think it really illustrates my style of photography with the gorgeous backlighting. Not to mention I'm loving their connection in this photo and the "T" they brought along as a photo prop. Aren't they adorable together!


We ended back in a precious garden, but decided to use a little more solid shade for our photos. I love telling couples to pretend I'm not there and capturing a little bit of a candid moment. This was our result. Swoon.

I am so excited to photograph the Trego wedding in August and capture this adorable couple again! I hope you guys enjoyed these highlights!